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I'm so over people not being able to understand me. Even when on this site talking to people with similar experiences, I still feel alone. I'm fucking done. Even when trying to express my emotions, I feel misunderstood. Anything I do I feel as though I'm wrong. I don't know what to do. I feel so lost, how do I bring myself back? I just want someone else to know what I'm actually feeling for once. What's wrong with me?

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Jan 22 2015 03:00 AM

You know what? I understand what you mean about speaking with people of similar experiences.

I feel that DPD is varying in many degrees inside of people's heads, and one cannot fully comprehend your individual history as well. It's okay to feel like everything you do feels wrong, but how long do you have to feel this way until you change? I just came back from a long hiatus from this site, and it did me well. All I'm saying is that DPSelfHelp can be toxic at times, but it serves users well via good insights/posts, when you need some help.

There might be many things wrong with you, but I hopefully doubt that you're not completely done with yourself, because the fact that you're posting on this makes me believe you're capable of asking for help to feel better - you're looking for a weight off your shoulders.

Hold on to your seat while you endure the damned roller coaster ride of Depersonalization disorder, and please know that you are not alone in feeling alone. This disorder isolates you from everyone including separating you from trusting your own identity.

I hope you got something out of this reply. Goodnight, aslikeskinn.

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Jan 26 2015 07:50 AM

Thank you so much, honestly every word you said made so much sense to me. Thank you for you time because your honesty really helped me.

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Jan 31 2015 05:51 PM

I wrote a piece on here called the lie I tell everyday. Make a list of what you know to be true and start from there
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