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Hey guys, I've been away from the forum for almost six months with no new threads. Only checking the website every now and then. Anyhow...

I'm writing to you, at 12:48 am, trying to fall asleep, but couldn't. Since dp has become so severe, it caused a major problem in my sleeping pattern. By that I mean, there's no way that I can maintain the same time to go to bed and the same time to wake up, not even for a week.

That's because regular people become sleepy and it's time for them to go to bed after, let's say between 10 to 15 hours max. Me, that's not the case. You have 24 hours a day. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours for yourself. My main issue is that I can't fall asleep unless that I've been waking up for at least 18 hours. And not only that, here's the the missed part, I can't have only 4 to 6 hours of sleep in order to be alert and functional. I need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep. It isn't that I'm being careless and lazy, I really can't. No matter how much I try to force myself and wake up on time while I didn't have enough sleeping hours, I can't wake up at all. Sometimes I succeed in doing so but it feels like I'm totally drunk or hypnotized. Because while having full hours of sleep I still feel like my mind is processing only by 3 percent of it's total capacity. So imagine not having a good sleep, even this 3 percent that I rely on doesn't exist anymore because I didn't have enough hours of sleep.

This is fucking up my career life. Needing at least 18 hours before I go into bed, means that I never sleep every day on the same time set. And not having enough hours of sleep makes me very tired and sluggish and not able to function and most of the time I won't be able to wake up by the alarm. It just goes on and on ringing until it shuts off by itself. By this pattern of sleep, it means that every three days I'm going to have a different set of time for sleeping and waking up because that time where I should be going to bed , increases three hours every couple of days. If I'm used to go to bed at 8pm, it will become 11pm after a couple of days and then 2am after a day or two, and this cycle keeps repeating itself.

I'm writing this thread at the moment as I can't fall asleep. Just agony, pain, dp, physical symptoms. When I lie down I feel like I'm drowning or like that the bed is swallowing me like this extra gravity pulling me down to the ground.

I believe that I've reached the state where I'm disabled and not a good candidate for any kind of job. But, I have to push myself because I have no one, literally no one, but me to support myself financially.

What should I do to control my sleeping schedule and overcome this sleeping pattern issue???!!!
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