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Minor hallucinations

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Hi new here so i was wondering if anyone can help me with some things.

I have been for a while having some minor hallucinations, auditory and visual. Its mainly shadows like looking people moving always in my peripherals, sometimes they are more colourful like blurred outlines of average people. Most of the time parts of my vision or something i see will jump or skip, sometimes they will move with what happens ( like my sister sat on a bench and it looked like as she sat down the ground below dipped with her) . I will also, but a lot less often, hear whispers that are usually just random words or names.

I'm on setraline for depression and anxiety, which apparently can some times worsen dp ( not 100% sure on that). But i was just wondering if this is a dp side affect as im doing a lot better with depression and anxiety since being put on the meds. I don't do drugs and i only really drink casually hardly ever to excess.
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