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People ,Scientists ,Doctors ,Philosophers all talk about the mind.

Has anyone every located the "mind" in a humans body ? They talk about it's all in your mind ,but where is the mind ?

Is it something that can be isolated ?

We people with DP are scared by the ideas our "mind" throws at us.But the word mind is actually an abstract word.We think that many things are created in our mind.But where is that mind that creates those things ?

Why do we have to believe that we have to suffer because of our mind.We think of the mind as something that does lots of things but we cant say where the mind is.

Many of us are scared of losing our "mind".How do we lose it ? Does it evaporate ? I dont understand why some scientists talk about the mind as something if is something tangible hidden somewhere.

Why do they even talk about the mind as something fixed while not even the smartest people could explain what consciousness is.

What if the mind and consciousness are the same thing ? What do they mean by mind ? isnt it consciousness of the world ?

I dont think that the "mind" is a single thing sitting somewhere in the brain.What I believe is that human consciousness is something that is present in the whole body and not only in the brain.

You cant say that our consciousness is reduced to the brain ,which would mean that any problems in the brain would make a persons consciousness disappear.The brain is the processor of the external stimuli that come from the world outside ,it is not what creates our whole world.

I think that scientists should stop reducing a human to a brain that is made out of 1.3kg of cells and neurons firing.I can make sparks at home all day ,but it didnt create anything.

I also believe that consciousness (or the "mind") gives us what we have through the interaction with the outside world.

How did many come to the conclusion that the brain seems like some sort of a God that creates what we experience ?
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