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mind and body one step behind/feeling unsafe/insecure

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while pondering a few posts today it seems that alot of you feel as though your body and mind feels as though its one step behind,this is typical dp for me and it takes up an enormous amount of my time and mental energy...but does anyone else feel as though the further they venture away from home the more unreal and unsafe they feel ?
what actually causes this,i would have thought that by now i would be able to deal with this symptom but it is so debilitating...its a feeling of being a 3 year old child and yer mum leaving you on youre on ina busy shop etc...
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hi folks
i know that these are all symptomatic and im not alone in this quest for health but we surely do have to discuss why we feel this way....ive gotten used to feeling 'weird' iv gotten used to feeling scared,depressed,claustrophobic,full of fear but some things are hard to get to the centre of...why do i feel so alone when i used to feel part of the world,i used to feel whole as a person...theres always a reason and my reason is ive spent most of my life needing someone,feeling insecure so its just hard to find the tools to change this around.....ive got a bad dose of the flu at the moment so maybe my fight has diminished somewhat or maybe ive just allowed myself time to think about these things


cheers :wink:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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