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Migrainne Headaches and Depersonalization.

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I truly believe there is a connection between migrainne headaches and dp/dr. I have had migrainne headaches for a long time and when the headache is there the dp/dr gets worse. I recently had another eeg and it showed slow brain waves in the temporal lobe area of the brain. There was a few abnormalties as well but the doctor could not say what the abnormalty would be. The suggestion that migrainne problems is possible. I am going to keep a diary in the next while to close watch on the headache and the dp/dr.

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DP/DR is always worse when you're physically ill for sure.
Every little physical disturbance can make DP arise, headache, sleep deprivation, having a cold, fever (oh this one is totally gross).
Exhaustion, fatigue, name it, they all make DP worse.
And can also bring it on.
Just spin around 10 times really fast, welcome to DP land.
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