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messaqge to self listen and learn for once !" an apolog

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i feel ive pissed off a few people on this forum and i do appologize....ive promised so many people that i would stop drinking.....but the matter of the fact is im an alcoholic....ive talked it through today with neighbours,abulancemen (and women) and later a doctor....
ive also openly told my mum and dad for the first time ever.....
but to anyone that has ever been undert he impresseion that i have lied to sorry
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jc you havent lied to just hadnt excepted your problem yourself.....and now you realize you have aproblem you will beable to get the help you need
hey jc be proud of your self you've made the first move......2nd move is to attend one......good luck :)
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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