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messaqge to self listen and learn for once !" an apolog

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i feel ive pissed off a few people on this forum and i do appologize....ive promised so many people that i would stop drinking.....but the matter of the fact is im an alcoholic....ive talked it through today with neighbours,abulancemen (and women) and later a doctor....
ive also openly told my mum and dad for the first time ever.....
but to anyone that has ever been undert he impresseion that i have lied to sorry
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jc, my dad and uncle are twins.. and both alkies. they are both gun owners as well. and both have at seperate times.. taken out those guns and loaded them with the full intent of ending their lives. the only times this has ever happened was during a binge. this makes binge drinking a big NO NO.

jc, the way you refer to alcohol in your posts is troubling. you give it little pet names, like a security blanket or a soft kittie. or a true love. the reason it troubles me is because thats exactly how my dad refers to his beer. its the only comfort he has.. the only thing he looks forward to.

i can tell you made this post while drunk. which of course in itself is fine.. but it also should be telling you something. it should be telling you that you dont have control over this kittie. you think its purring and cuddling but its actually clawing at you and poisoning you. your idea of alcohol isnt real. its totally false jc. but of course that doesnt stop the craving for it. you saying the 'S' word isnt far from the true reality of your situation. cause thats what youre doing to yourself jc. as slow as it may be.

youre right.. it is time to end it all. its time to take serious measures and get yourself off the booze for good. its going to be hard. but you already have tasted what its like to be free from it. i remember how good you felt when you were off the bottle. you were doing so well jc. what happened? well as far as i remember you started going to the pubs again for a little sippy and i recall you saying something like.. oh im just being social and its just once in a while.. just on the weekends. and i thought to myself.. uh oh.. here we go. sure enough jc here you are.

its not worth it my friend. time to say buhbye to the bottle. FOR GOOD.
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