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messaqge to self listen and learn for once !" an apolog

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i feel ive pissed off a few people on this forum and i do appologize....ive promised so many people that i would stop drinking.....but the matter of the fact is im an alcoholic....ive talked it through today with neighbours,abulancemen (and women) and later a doctor....
ive also openly told my mum and dad for the first time ever.....
but to anyone that has ever been undert he impresseion that i have lied to sorry
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Hi JC,

Well, first off, you know I love ya. I have watched you struggle to the top of this disorder many times only to fall due to your problem with alcohol. I want you to know that alcoholism affects the best of people. There is no shame in it. I have seen a president of a large corporation, the top dog of the air traffic control for a large city, the head of a large salesforce and 4 close friends be alcoholics. So far four have died due to it in one way or another. I have seen them all in the gutter and worse.

I'm glad the ambulance came around for you, JC. It rattled you and made you wake up and think this is not a place you want to be. Quit for you and work as hard at quitting as you have working on the dp.

You have great people skills, JC and there is a place for you in this world. I'm just glad you're still in it.

Take the absolute best of care.
I agree with you Wendy in that alcohol is seducing. If it were not for the fact that I became allergic to it, I can imagine I would be the kind who started drinking White Russians for breakfast, Jack Daniels for lunch and then Grand Marnier till I passed out. :( Although I must say, I was a happy, fun drunk...a binge drunk nonetheless.

JC, you are great. You go and get this thing done once and for all. Don't wait until you have become an old man and lost everything.

This, you can do.

well, JC, no matter if you had to stumble over a few kids and some church did it, my man.

and that is cool.

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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