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messaqge to self listen and learn for once !" an apolog

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i feel ive pissed off a few people on this forum and i do appologize....ive promised so many people that i would stop drinking.....but the matter of the fact is im an alcoholic....ive talked it through today with neighbours,abulancemen (and women) and later a doctor....
ive also openly told my mum and dad for the first time ever.....
but to anyone that has ever been undert he impresseion that i have lied to sorry
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Dear JC,
I've followed your posts for a while, and although I dont know you in real life, I think you are probably doing the right thing . I have a couple of friends who have had your problem, and I've gone to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with them to lend support. It really seems to do wonders for them, especially their meetings with their sponsor, and I recomend whole-heartedly that you attend some meetings as soon as possible. I wish you the best of luck in facing your problem, and I'm rooting for you. I wouldnt worry about using the K right now, either. In the long term, alcohol has much worse effects on your brain and your liver. The memory problems you complain of are not uncommon amongst alcholics, and its caused by the fact that alcohol wipes out your brain and liver's vitamin B stores. In extreme cases, this can cause an amnesia condition called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. And dont worry - I've met people with it, and you dont have a possiblity of having it. In your case, though, taking some B vitamins would probably help clear away your brain fog and lift your spirits. Good luck JC!

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