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I was just wondering something..I've never written to message boards actively, and everytime I do write something, I hate everything I've just said. Does anyone have anything similar to this (can I blame dp) or is just me? Then there's always the in group and of course this doesn't apply only to internet message boards, there's just something I've never figured out that makes certain people the insiders. Anyone have an explanation?
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a funny thing happened in therepy this week...the girls were asking why they dont get any attention and wanted to know how they could get people to listen to considering they sit there in silence i told them that a good start would be to 'talk'
there were a few chuckles but also the therepists kinnda agreed with me,if you dont talk you dont get answers,no-one can read your mind
i have a sick dad that is in pain everyday,now he had a heart by-pass operation with complications,but i dont know whats worse,you see my dad wont talk about his pain or how he feels because he fears(i think) that its going to upset my mum,but my mum is in a constant anxious state trying to guess whats up with him on a daily basis when he cant get out of bed or he sits in front of the tv all day grunting and moaning...

whats the answer to this ? i dont know but i do know that if i have something bothering me i will tell someone if they ask
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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