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merry xmas misty (everybody too) :)

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here is a pic of hawaiian winter christmas of 81. im the munchkin in my moms lap behind the snowman. my dad is taking the pic i dont remember who that naked guy is i think hes the dad of the other kids there. see.. i told you there were nudists in the snow! :lol:

show this to your daughter so she can see what a hawaiian snowman looks like. :)
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nimbostratus cloud formations.
god narco dont worry youre not scrooging youre actually the oposite becuase you can see how wrong everything has gone. i cant wait for it to be over too. im not sure about anywhere else.. but at least over here christmas has turned into the ultimate excuse to throw your money away at big K and walmart. and its just atrocious the kind of things they have to buy. its limitied to plastic escalades for kids with chrome spinners, and pint sized mcflurry machines. oh and not to mention the ho-bag barbie wannabes with half shirts and hooker boots. i actually saw a barbie that was supposed to be supergirl.. but it was supergirl with a halfshirt and daisy dukes, and the shirt only covered from where her tits met her torso.. and the dukes covered from where her plastic slot would be. they try to make these things anatomically correct yet they fail to include any pubic hair.. because as anyone KNOWS females dont have pubic hair. and if they do than they better make damn well sure they shave that sh1t off.

the only people that really get to celebrate a real christmas are the corperate demons that have monopolized everything. its beyond depressing.

merry christmas everybody :lol:

now heres what i call... KIDDIE PORN. these dolls (called FLAVAS) are on sale right now at walmart.. says for ages 4 and up.. clothed of course but barely. these dolls come with off the shoulder halfshirt wifebeaters and some bling bling acessories. i think i actually saw these chicks on a booty talk porno. :?

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thanks wendy yea my mom is still really pretty. sos my dad heheh. these were taken before i was born.

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good lord!! stressmas doesnt even compare to what i witnessed yesterday. i went to walmart to get some fabric for these little frufru dresses i was making for my chihuahuas for christmas and since it was christmas eve the whole store was in pandemonium. i made the mistake of wandering into the toy section.. just to see if those flava dolls were still there.. and there was one left.. and these two fathers or uncles or whatever they were were fighting over it. the shelves were just about bare and all the last minuite shoppers were in a ravenous frenzy. i never saw anything like it it was like that movie 28 days later. :?
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