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merry xmas misty (everybody too) :)

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here is a pic of hawaiian winter christmas of 81. im the munchkin in my moms lap behind the snowman. my dad is taking the pic i dont remember who that naked guy is i think hes the dad of the other kids there. see.. i told you there were nudists in the snow! :lol:

show this to your daughter so she can see what a hawaiian snowman looks like. :)
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I like the snow, but ice is f'n miserable. Here in Nashville, while everybody else was getting snow, we were getting rain>freezing rain> snow. But, everything pretty much turned to ice. In light of having done no Christmas shopping, needing an oil change, tire rotation, and having my power steering unlocked, all before planning to drive to Knoxville, my car was completely iced over and shut. Took 45 minutes of pouring hot water over my car to finally break the doors open. Car is still thawing. Oh, and a huge tree fell in my driveway last night blocking any way of getting out. Fortunately, nice Canadian neighbor with Hard Rock Edmonton jacket had a chainsaw and we were able to chop it up into pieces and push the tree to the side of driveway. But, since my driveway goes downhill and is nothing but ice, I had to dig up some topsoil and dump some old bags of fertilizer on the driveway for traction. Getting ready to test it out, hit up Jiffy Lube, and plan to do all my Christmas shopping at the Target right by my house to prevent driving too far. Hopefully, this Target will be jam-packed with hot ass girls like it was a couple of days ago when I had to pick up some Drano and Vitamin B6.

I know you Northerners are probably laughing at this. But, we just aren't prepared for this stuff like you.

But, it will be a white Christmas after all.

So, merry Christmas everybody.
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