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Well I guess by now we can say that mental disorders do run in the family.

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Not that I know of, my family are mostly quite sane and grounded in most respects

I think, I don't know though that one of my grandmas sisters sons had a nervous breakdown , cos he was a lawer and he had a lot of stress going on at one point in his life which lead to him having a nervous breakdown and apparently my nan once thought he was scitzophnic but I don't think he is, just has some kind of breakdown, not exatclly sure if he has any kind of mental disorder of any kind, and he still lives at home with his mum at about 40 something years old. I have however never met him so I can't vouch for wherver he has any kind of disorder.

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My sister has OCD, she is treated with Paxil for now, doesn't work for now, but makes her more happy :)

My mom has always been a nervous woman, VERY pessimistic, afraid of ALL, hypocontriac, no self-confidence at all (she never worked, took care of her parents because they were physically ill, doesn't drive, dedicate her life to her childs), but she never been treated for anxiety.

My father is sane (pfiou!)

One of my aunt is schizo I think, but she never was normal, never in her life. She is in a instutition. But she's just.... replied on herself.

Other uncles and relatives seem sane.

I have a cousin who took too much acid, LSD and ended up suicide himself. He began to hear voices because of his drug overdose.

And i have a aunt who suicided herself just before her marriage, she was 40 and seemed very happy. We never knwe why she did that.

My grand-mother is sane.

Here are a family portract. No wonder why I am depressed. :(

How can I be not afraid to become ill????? :?: Janine please :)

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My father is severely bi polar -- as was his mother (she committed suicide she was so desperate).

My mother has generalized anxiety disorder and has a family history of panic attacks and other mental illness.

This is depressing me just thinking of the connection. *sigh*

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My family is rife with the stuff.

Father - OCD/hoarder-clutterer, anxiety, depression
Mother - Borderline? Paranoid? Rage?
Aunt - "introverted?" had 2 abusive husbands
Cousin 1 - depressed/seriously obese
Cousin 2 - bipolar/schizoaffective

I don't know much about my grandparents and other uncles/aunts as my parents distanced themselves from them or they had died by the time I was born.

My maternal grandfather may have been abusive, not clear.
My grandmother may have been depressed.

I'd say if you have mentally ill relatives... probably the more you have or the closer they are (a parent/sibling) the more likely your chances of having a mental illness. But we also know that in twin studies, one twin can have a mental illness and the other not.

The problem is, in my family for example. My mother had something wrong with her mentally. Her illness affected the way she parented. So if I had a predisposition genetically/biologically it was made worse by my enviornment living with her.

Same thing with my father. His OCD kept him from defending me, protecting me from my mother's abuse, loving me in a proper way.

I call it the "double whammy". It doesn't mean things are hopeless however.

Thing is, if you have a mentally ill parent, they may also be less likely to get you the help/intervention you need in your formative years. I always wonder, if I had the help I have now if I would have fared much better.

And so it goes...........
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