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Mental Fight Club - London DP Inspired Event - All Welcome

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The First Rule of Mental Fight Club is That You Can Tell Anyone and Everyone About Mental Fight Club!

On Saturday 23rd April - St George's Day! - Mental Fight Club will be holding it Main Public Launch Event - an audio-visual presenatation of 'Time To Be Real' the first section of the Ben Okri epic poem 'Mental Fight' which inspired the formation of MFC. This is a free event, open to all and will run from 2.00 - 4.00 pm at Guy's Chapel, St Thomas's St, London SE1 - five minutes walk from London Bridge.

The emergence of Mental Fight Club is part of my recovery from a thirty year experience of dp in an extreme and bipolar form. It seemed for many years that it had totally and irretrievably wrecked my life, depriving me of work, a home, intimate relationships. Finally, in the last two years, something dramatic has shifted and with some very intenstive group therapeutic treatment, I have gradually beginning to understand what, in my case, it has represented and am now learning to manage myself better. I am hopeful now, to use an AA term, that I am finally 'in recovery'.

The title 'Time To Be Real', (which is Ben Okri's not mine!) is obviously very interesting to anyone who has experienced dp, or really had any kind of brush with mental illness. We will explore the idea of inner and collective reality through the words of the poem, the visuals and the music. The music selection includes Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell, Holly Cole Trio, Handel, Bach and Orthodox Singing. The visuals will draw on John Tenniel, Edward Hopper, Paola Rego and William Blake amongst other possible sources. So, of course,Alice in Wonderland will definitely be there and likewise, the White Rabbit. I have no idea how many people are going to turn up, we have promoted it widely, the chapel can take about 250.

Once MFC is publicly launched our aim is to hold two public creative events every year which seek to explore and to inspire all of us in the struggle to overcome and understand mental illness and distress and also to cultivate a deeper understanding of mental well-being.

If any of you would like to attend, we would be Absolutely Delighted to see you there. It would help to know rough numbers in advance, so if you are planning to attend just send me a message or you can email me on [email protected].

Vive Le Mental Fight!

Mental Fight Club
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Martin! Thanks for your great response. So glad you might be there Martin and also, perhaps, see you on Sat?

G funk from what I can tell the UK DP meet has been moved to 2nd April i.e this Saturday - and I am hoping to come along to that.

If this changes and THE UK DP'ers ARE meeting in London on that day AND want to come along to this event....well, quite frankly, that would really MAKE MY DAY :lol:

All love to You All

Sarah x
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