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How's it going everyone? I haven't been here in a while.
Anyway I was thinking about the effectiveness of CBT techniques last night. It seems that certain CBT techniques don't really work because they don't engage the mind fully enough, which is fairly obvious I suppose. Repeating a mantra over and over, for example, may not work because I believe it's possible to have two things going on in the mind at the same time, because one of them does not sufficently engage the clever part of the mind (the loosest of pseudo philosohpcial/psychology descriptions there). As I am writing this I have a song playing in my head as well, thus proving my point, the writing is the clever part of my mind, whilst the song is being played in the stupid part of my mind, the part that washes dishes etc.
So perhaps it would be better to engage the clever part of the mind when employing CBT techniques. You could, for example, do mental arithmetic. Just invent a sum, preferably a multiplcation because they are sufficently hard enough, but not a division because you'll likely end up with decimal places. So 533 X 4 then.
Furthermore you'll improve your mental arithemtic no end. You could even end up on ITV's Countdown, alongside the pointlessly intelligent, being the envy of the elderly and the unemployed alike.
Whaddaya' think?
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