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mental anxiety attack without the physical symptoms

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Lately Ive been having extreme mental anxiety attacks but its as if my body is completely obvilous to it in the sense that it doesnt manifest itself in the ways it use to: i.e. sweating, racing heart rate, etc. has anyone else experienced this? Its terrifying, it has me worried something is seriously wrong with my central nervous system.
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Oh yeah it's worse then the typical panic attacks I use to have ,fast heart, cant breath feel I'll die ect .

It was these mental panic attacks that triggered of this chronic dp I've got now , that's how much those panic attacks scared me

All panic mate trust me I thought something was seriously wrong with my central nervous system when those attcjs first happened and I had so many tests done because I couldn't believe it was just a panic attack...
Bad bad times
I feel for you
The only thing that got rid of them was by not panicking anymore and trying to go though it and it went away eventually...
You are ok
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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