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Since 2 years i have memory problems and I know I said it many times, but is it dissociation woh does that? HOW TO COPE?

I have trouble to remember what I've done in the morning, it's foggy (really), sometimes I talk with my psychiatrist and I have trouble to remember what i've said one hour before. It's so stupid, like if I wasn't there, or someone else talked, because I don't have memories. But I talk OK to my psychiatrist, he thinks I am OK, then I go to home, back in the car, I feel like I don't have a clue how I've got there, what I talked, like if it wasn't me.

It's worse since 2 years, but since a couple of weeks I feel like I go crazy. I can feel OK and 1 hour after, cry for no reason and feel lost and confused. It's always like that everyday...and was worse with Zoloft. With Paxil it's different, not worse, but I don't know how I feel!!! Sound crazy hun?

Hard to explain to my psychiatrist, because when I go there, I always talk normally, then I panic after, or something like that. So he doesn't know how my mood and conscious swings are. They are terrible.

It's the last post (I hope) I make about this, but please tell me how to cope, and that I am not alone.

How to go to the psychologist if I have trouble to remember what she said? How to go to work when having memory problems that make me panic? How not to think I am becoming nuts??? And how to have faith in a med I already begun (Lamictal) :(

Sorry folks. I feel like I don't know who I am anymore..... Do I have to search and remember for the old me (before the delivery)? I feel like I am nothing.

Janine, if you have time, PM me!

Others, if I don't bother you, you can too. (sorry) :oops:

Cynthia :oops:

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all i know is that i took high doses of ginko bilobo and it really helped, i think maybe the meds can make your memory worst

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Cynthia, you have an EXCELLENT memory. If you and I have been having a friendly argument/debate in PM's, you can recall precisely what you said and precisely how you said it, when you're making a point..."I did not say this or that, I said XXX..." etc. And you remember if it's been 2 days and I haven't replied to your PM yet! (big hug)

What you experience is that you cannot recall things ON DEMAND. When you TRY to recall something, like what you did as soon as you got up, or what you said in therapy, you are FORCING yourself to try to remember on the spot. NObody can succeed at that when they're in massive and chronic anxiety.

They even say/suggest that everyone should PRACTIVE dialing "9-1-1" (that's the emergency phone number in the USA....for police, fire, etc.) MANY perfectly normal people have perished because they LITERALLY could not make themselves recall how to dial three numbers on a phone when they're terrified.

We, with dp and anxiety and obsessions, remember FINE.
We, however, cannot remember something INSTANTLY and ON THE SPOT. Then we get more scared (oh, I'm going crazy or I am losing all memory, etc.) That makes the entire thing worse.

A person who is TRULY having physical neurological memory problems cannot communicate properly.

There is nothing wrong with your BRAIN.
There is plenty wrong with your "Sense of experience' (how you perceive yourself and how you are perceiving your own mental experiences)

That's dp.

Love you,
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