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memory has more or less gone

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i cant remember anything, i cant even remember what i did last night this morning. its been going on for a while now and really scaring me that im gonna forget everything, peoples names, places, who they are etc.

anyone else get this and did they get over that phase?
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My mermoery is uaslly preety bad, well mroe fuzzy than anything else , like all static like, like fuzzy static on a radio, never flowing as well as they should, you know like theirs a tension in my memories where I just freeze, and cant think.
well yeh I can cope preety much with goign to uni, turning up for lectures , remembering most of the work. but when it going about my daily day I find that I feel hmm cluless as to how to go about daily living, not cluless but don't seem to have energy to live or go out. If I could I think I would sleep all day.

Iv always had bad mmemory though, but now my memory is just distoreted and all other the place, this is the best explanation.
I have a good explnation for what my memories like now, its like having a weird vibrating murmour in my head which is non stop all day, sort of like something jamming my tohughts, like im trying to recall certain memeories but there is a force or a factor that is stopping my active recall? not a hallcination but a mental barrier and I kind of freeze frame , where im just frozen (probably from drug induced states) in a constant kind of ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Tony_the_eminence_front said:
Yeah, the memory thing gets me a little freaked out at times too. The worst for me is TIME. Whenever I am done doing a task, The sensation is that I could have done it 5 minutes ago or 5 MONTHS ago, it all just feels the same to me. Time has become elastic.

I wish you well,
my sense of time is also complety distoreted, and I acutally have no sense of time, for example before dp I would have the feeling of a day has just passed I have had a day, but now its like time is bendy and there is no real excpereince of time, like a void but with a 'me' somehow still expericneing.

like the time it just took me to write this post, Porobably took me a few minutes, but I dont have a subjective feeling of any time passing, yet paradoxily it felt like an eternity.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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