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Memory flashes

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I've been getting all kinds of different reoccuring memory flashes of events, or people and things I havent thought about in a very very long time. It's really strange and hard to explain 'cause I've never had it happen. If you are familiar with this kind of thing; do you know if it's common with DP/DR or is it possibly another benzo thing goin on?
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I get memory flashes all the time. They make me very uncomfortable. The memories are not negative though. I hope this is a good sign.
This started occurring for me in the last stages before I felt about 95% recovered which was a good level to be at bu now im back to the memory flashes started like 2 days ago but has progressively gotten better... just the vivid dreams are what worry me I think the start of my new job at the movies helped me ignore the symptoms for a bit but some how it came back to me but I must keep pushing this could just be the last stages idk
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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