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Memory flashes

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I've been getting all kinds of different reoccuring memory flashes of events, or people and things I havent thought about in a very very long time. It's really strange and hard to explain 'cause I've never had it happen. If you are familiar with this kind of thing; do you know if it's common with DP/DR or is it possibly another benzo thing goin on?
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Yes, same here. All of my regression experiences come from my time in grades 1-3, and a few other times as well. I remember those times being really hard times for me. I went to a religious school, and they prided themselves on "helping" students, and would say things like "We never give up on our kids." Well, they did this though spanking and relentless punishment (within the laws of course) for the "bad kids". I remember times I had to go to the principle's office to get spanked. And he was a big guy with a big leather belt. Who would have known that those daily whippings would cause something like DP later in life? I was just a kid trying to be heard, that's why I acted out. But they were too inverted to even think to ask what was wrong. There were other factors of course, but this one just comes to mind. That's interesting how you noticed that Ali.
I too was a private school dweller...i used to get whippings and spankings back when i was like ages 2 -6...i suffered terrible treatmeant for and i noticed most of my random memories and dreams keep taking me back there but i couldnt quite put a finger on why but your post is starting me down a good path also it seems like for years i have just been blocking these memories out exluding the psychological torment that comes with basically being abused...i remeber one time i brought a pokemon game to school(.right after some loony pastor convinced alot of churches that pokemon was the devil) ill never forget having to stand in front of the whole school and staff..and fucking apologize for bringing a "demonic" game to school...shit man lol now that you got me thinking that really can fuck a person up big time
This started occurring for me in the last stages before I felt about 95% recovered which was a good level to be at bu now im back to the memory flashes started like 2 days ago but has progressively gotten better... just the vivid dreams are what worry me I think the start of my new job at the movies helped me ignore the symptoms for a bit but some how it came back to me but I must keep pushing this could just be the last stages idk
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