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Memory flashes

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I've been getting all kinds of different reoccuring memory flashes of events, or people and things I havent thought about in a very very long time. It's really strange and hard to explain 'cause I've never had it happen. If you are familiar with this kind of thing; do you know if it's common with DP/DR or is it possibly another benzo thing goin on?
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I think it could be related to something in the past you could examine in therapy, but im not totally sure...ask janine...I had those at one time too, mostly of elementary school, and I have to go back a long way to examine things kind of on my own, but I think that maybe in these things you suddenly remember there could be a part of your personality to maybe janine would know about it...but in psychoanalysis that's something they look association...stuff that pops into your mind as being significant, etc. But i'm not the expert.
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