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Memories of real events feel like dream recall

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Its to the point now that when I recall events from earlier in the day or from a different day my brain is not differianting it from dream recall, my real memories feel like dream memories now. And when I wake up from dreaming the "real world" feels no different to me than the dream world. I have constant dream recall during my waking hours and when I do sleep I wake up during rem sleep constantly it seems like, which I think is a big part of the problem. Is any of this normal in dr/dp? Does anyone else have trouble differentiating dream memories and real memories? And/or have excessive dream recall during there waking hours.
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Just a few minutes ago I got hit with a strange DP/DR episode with a mini panic attack while cycling, it feels like a foggy in-depth memory, like everything that's going on is not happening in the moment as I'm observing my surroundings, like I'm living in a flashback along with this extreme fatigued/dizzy//faint malaise feeling, like my heart wasn't pumping right during and after cycling. Now I just feel like I want to go to sleep but scared to because it doesn't feel natural, or I'm going to feel more sick while lying down and upon waking up. It appears that the cold weather is making my symptoms worse.
I've also been experiencing what mdbdfan has said a lot more in recent months.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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