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Memories of real events feel like dream recall

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Its to the point now that when I recall events from earlier in the day or from a different day my brain is not differianting it from dream recall, my real memories feel like dream memories now. And when I wake up from dreaming the "real world" feels no different to me than the dream world. I have constant dream recall during my waking hours and when I do sleep I wake up during rem sleep constantly it seems like, which I think is a big part of the problem. Is any of this normal in dr/dp? Does anyone else have trouble differentiating dream memories and real memories? And/or have excessive dream recall during there waking hours.
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This is honestly not a problem for me as I struggle mightily to remember my dreams. If there’s a dream inhibiting drug out there that is safe, I would try that. Marijuana and alcohol are both dream suppressors but getting drunk every night isn’t reccomened and I would NEVER suggest weed to someone with DP. Plus, there’s the issue of REM rebound which can produces vivid dreams. I’d consult a doctor about this.
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