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Hi, was just wondering what experiences members in the UK have had with doctors, meds ect. Has anyone had any contact with the department of Dp in london?

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Hi Alan!

I saw at least six psychiatrists during my years of hell. They all kept insisting I wasn't suffering from a mental illness. They said it was 'only' depression and acute anxiety. After speaking to many other people from the depression groups I was attending, I knew there was something else wrong with me. I persisted to ask my doctor for second opinions, and I was finally diagnoised with Dp and Dr, after mentioning that I viewed the world through a fog.

I've found that all pyschiatrists seemed to want to control me, as if I was 'just another patient' of inferior intelligence to them. They didn't like it when I dared to ask them questions. Nobody seemed to care. I felt that nobody really listened. It was an extremely frustrating nightmare! I was already experiencing a complete loss of control, so the last thing I needed was somebody trying to control me, rather than help me. Even the psychiatrist who diagnoised me got very annoyed, when I asked him to write down the words Depersonalisation and Derealisation, so that I could look it up.

My psychiatrist wanted to put me on Sodium Valphroate, but I'd had some bad experiences with Seroxat and other drugs, so I refused. I was already taking 150mg daily of Imipramine and high daily doses of Diazepam. I still take the same doseage of Imipramine, but now I only take Diazepam when I have an acute anxiety attack, which is usually once every 2 - 3 months.

I haven't had any contact with the department of Dp in London.

Kind regards,

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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