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Hi, was just wondering what experiences members in the UK have had with doctors, meds ect. Has anyone had any contact with the department of Dp in london?

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Hi Alan

Most doctors I have spoken to don't have a clue. I've given up trying to explain, just say 'yeah I'm panicky' get my prescription and go. It was clear they weren't going to help me so I am helping myself. Or you need to find someone who is able to give you the time and therapy you need to help your individual problems, not necessarily a dp expert, but someone who understands psychological issues. Most gp's do not. In my experience anway.

As for the DP unit, I contacted them and they cannot answer direct questions, but they can send you a leaflet about what they do and a questionnaire which they use for their research. You need to be referred to the unit through a psychiatrist.

Hope this is of some help!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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