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For some reason, my brain decides to hit me with the worst of my DP/DR around 7pm onwards. I think maybe because I feel more alone and with my own thoughts---which is never a good combination for an over thinker like me :') Sure, I try to distract myself with menial tasks and silly games on my phone but whether I find them mentally stimulating is another question. Not much seems to be working so I'm feeling pretty unmotivated. The only thing I think that does really help for me is writing
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or in this case, being all techie typing
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or writing lists...loads of list. I've probably destroyed so many trees just because of the amount of pointless lists I have written over the past 9 months...
Most of them are pretty pointless, but goals none the less that focus on my future
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whether they are big like new year resolutions, or small like remembering to do my English literature homework. It makes me feel a lot more positive about myself as I am planning a satisfying and meaningful future. Hope this has inspired anyone to pick up a pen and note pad and jot down a list of things they need, want or simply like to do.
I recently wrote a list of 100 things I love; it made me feel so happy and positive. 100 separate things seems like a lot but it's really much easier than it sounds :')

Be happy, Lydia


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