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Didn't have the best sleep because I went to bed at like 6am and my Mom woke me up to go and run an errand. I made myself do a bunch of stuff like e-mail correspondence, read, etc and my anxiety got higher at times. I didn't do the best thought wise today either, my mind was straying too much. I had a nap later in the evening because I was tired but in the future I won't be going to sleep at any point before I actually go to sleep. My sleep cycle is a disaster right now and I'm back at school tomorrow so I'm going to be regulating my sleep patterns and not letting myself oversleep, etc.

I am considering not updating this log and staying away from this forum for a few weeks as I am not sure if thinking about how I feel even once during the night on a daily basis could potentially hinder my recovery. I'm not looking at the forum very much or anything, I just feel that hearing the terms DP-DR remind me of my situation and ideally I'd like to just forget about it.

Yeah, I'm not going to update it for awhile. If my anxiety gets bad I'll start to log it so I can monitor the fluctuations but I highly doubt that will happen.


Be back later once I've beaten this bullshit.

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Mar 29 2013 10:12 AM

Just points out that with dp it's so important to get a good night sleep. Or all your hard work before that point might back fire on you.
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