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Meeting Girls With DP

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Seriously.. it becomes obvious that there needs to be a standard testing procedure for identifying women who are so obviously crazy as a person who would identify with reality. Because i honestly know that i'm this animalistic entity whos bent on experiencing life but that does not drive askew the point of me being just that, an animal. Well.. i dunno.. it seems i have a new girl, or a new lay, or a new something following me around every few weeks and i grow tired of this crap. I want a girl who shows understanding and it seems the only ones who show any sort of understanding whatsoever for this plight, let alone any plight, are those who suffer it. So yeah.. like.. i dunno wha the test would be made of really. *shrug*.. i dunno.. it just sucks feeling like you're the only one "looking" at the cars structrual framework as it drives by when your friends/girlfriends are commenting on the paint job. :(

everything is too lucid..

Any other somewhat normal looking people suffer this same fate of realizing you are somewhat alone?

"apathy doesn't describe this conclusion"
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but, when you're DP-free, one of the things you want the most
is love...

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