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Hi everyone!

I have DP DR for 8 months now.
Long story - I moved out of my parents house, bought a house, married my husband and switch my job. Never had psychical problems or anxiety/traumatic experience. DPDR came out of nothing, started with overthinking, dizziness and then the DPDR started. I am diagnosed with DPDR disorder by a psychiatrist.

From may till now I was using escitalopram 10 mg, now I'm taking 5mg and next week I will stop with it (in advice of my psychiatrist) No results or anything.

Since Tuesday I take 2,5 mg olanzapine, no different so far.
(1 day had 5mg and sleep for 15 hours)

Is there anyone with good advice about meds? I know that some people are not happy with taking meds but I think I need meds to get my life back.

My DPDR symptoms:

Sometimes I can't get out of my bed and the whole world is strange, my body, everything. That feeling I have 24/7, on good days I'm able to walk my dog with my husband, go to a store with my husband and doing things like cooking and cleaning. I also have very angry thoughts, that really make me cry. So scared to lose control and do something to myself our anyone else. I don't recognize myself in the mirror or photos, and on very bad days I don't recognize my husband our dog. My house doesn't feel like my house.. BUT! I have feelings! When i watch a sad movie about DPDR or depression really make me cry, because I recognize that feelings.. psychiatrist told me that I'm not depressed..

I also tried rtms, in different sections didn't help so far.
And a fact, when i have my period the feelings and thoughts that i wanna die are sooooo strong. After my period it's almost gone..

All blood test where ok..

Sorry for my long story..
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