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Is it common to feel even more detached as I taper off my meds? It’s like it’s getting intense as I come off and hasn’t stopped for 3 weeks
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I’m not sure if it maybe be because I’ve been getting lightheaded a lot with head pressure and some pressure behind eyes
Oh okay thanks guys, it’s a little comforting knowing I’m not the only one experiencing this.. it’s so crazy because I was doing so well while tapering off with the help of cbd& l theanine then once I ran out of both I stopped and then day 4 the feeling hit ???? I went back on the lowest dose I was on and it hasn’t stopped. Some moments I’m okay but I know it’s there.. I bought cbd again hoping it could help again.
I was literally on like 1mg and I was this medication for only two months.. smh. It’s so unfortunate because I’m going on a trip with friends next week and I feel like I’m going to feel so off but I’ll push through
Even if you're not mentally ill, discontinuing meds can be a bit frightening. Of course, if you are mentally ill and you taper off your meds, you become nakedly mentally ill.
Otherwise, you should overcome any discontinuation syndrome in a relatively short period of time.
I know everyone's different but roughly how long?
I discontinued SSRIs several times after being on them long term.I endured the head zaps and chills for a week, and it was behind me.
I took antipsychotics on a few occasions. I don't remember having any problem discontinuing them.
I used klonopin on several occasions. I had no problems stopping it.
I did have difficulty when I decided to quit smoking, but I was eventually successful. (One of life's greatest achievements.)
I like a good bourbon buzz, but I have had several long periods in my life where I chose not to consume alcohol.
It's been close to 5 months since I have had a drink of alcohol. Someday soon, I will celebrate my abstinence!
Well lucky you lol so coming off them didn't make your dpdr worse?
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