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im sure this was mentioned before, but does anyones meds accually help thier dp/dr?? i was j/w like when my dp/dr get really really bad somtimes i will take my " emergancy med" which is kolopin but i dont even think it helps me i mean it relaxs me i think its all in my head though....

get back to me
<3 mish.

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Hello! I see you are from Philadelphia...I am from Allentown, PA. It's nice to have someone to talk to who is somewhat "local".

As for the meds - I was on 10 mg Paxil for 3 1/2 years and it worked out great. Only 1 or 2 short DP episodes. My problem was that I weaned myself off of it earlier this year thinking I would be ok...BIG MISTAKE. The DP came back worse. I started back taking 10mg of Paxil, but it wasn't working anymore. The doctor upped my dosage to 20mg now. Seems to be a tad better, but still waiting to see.

SSRIs aren't the "cure all" but seem to be the drug type of choice by psychiatrists and doctors for this. Personally, I don't think this disorder has anything to do with seratonin, but the Paxil does lessen my overall anxiety. And as well know, DP is not anxiety - it's another beast in and of itself.

If you want my home e-mail, let me know, since we live so close.

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Yay, Im From Philly Too, Live In Reading, PA Now Though

Must Be All The Chemicals In The Air

But Anyways, No Meds Help Me Really, Valium Calms Me Down, But Im Scared Of Taking It lol I Hear Paxil Helps Real Good Tho

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My Emergency Stash Is A Razor And A Valium

Maybe I Need Klonopin, My Old Psychiatrist Said Something Bout It A While Back.. Hm
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