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Are you like me? Every med I took that helped derealization (not memory) put me in a tired mode it's incredible. Can a med help with dp but not makes us too tired???

Just a question like that.


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It's a darn good question, but unfortunately most do make you feel really really tired. I used to sleep like 14 hours a day, not kidding. And I was STILL tired.

Also, partly what happens to us is that in the self-monitoring mode, where we are afraid all the time and desperately watching ourselves to see how we're doing,'s like holding your brain like a clenched fist 24/7. It's utterly exhausting.

Even without meds, most people who suffer symptoms like this are exhausted. It's partly meds and partly the stuff we're doing to ourselves by living in a constant state of self-obsession and frantic worry.

All the best,

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This is not an advice, it`s my experience. I`ve been for 10 years on low dosage of Amitriptyline and Medazepam. In order to be fully alert(since previosly I had no problems sleeping and the meds made me feel sleepy all the time) I was prescribed low dosage of Pyritinol. It helped a lot.

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