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I was prescribed olanzapine and sertraline to help with everything and so far i've seen improvement with some parts but no improvement with the dp and i'm hoping that maybe it just hasn't been long enough to take affect but i have a feeling it's just not going to work.

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Jan 27 2014 02:22 AM

How long has it been? Zoloft is a good first line medication for reducing anxiety as well as depression. Zyprexa is a good add on medication -- atypical anti psychotics usually are added to help increase the effectiveness of an ssri as well as treat some anxiety disorders. If they aren't workong yet you may have to give it more time. generally 4-6 weeks is a good benchmark to see how it is going to work.

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Jan 30 2014 11:45 AM

Your doctor is a retard. Depersonalisation makes you emotionaly numb to the entire world. You look at the tv, no thats not zachiry quinto in star trek, it used to be, but something has changed. Anti-psychotic drugs like the one your on are used on an anti-psychosis basis, to prevent the person from designating too much emotion and significance into the outside world. Ditch the olanzipine. keep the zoloft.

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Ana Sophia
Jan 30 2014 05:51 PM

I have more than just dp you know.. And don't say retarded you just sound rude and ignorant.

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Feb 04 2014 04:19 PM

I started on Lexapro, which made me lose it. Complete breakdown because it made me feel distant from the only people I felt close to in my life which is heartbreaking while going through something that makes you already feel detached, went to zoloft and the same thing happened. Got a new doctor and completely switched medicine categories because SSRI's where not treating me well, so im now on wellbutrin which i actually feel is helping with the anxiety and over thinking. Keep on keepin on, if it turns out to still not work in a few weeks try again with another if thats what you choose. There is many options. Goodluck.
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