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Medications for DDNOS and OCD

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Hi everyone,
thank you in advance for answering my question.

I'm a 28 yo male with DDNOS and OCD diagnosed.

I take these medications:
- Escitalopram 20 mg (in the morning)
- Lamotrigine 200 mg (2 x 100 mg)
- Pregabalin 150 mg (2 x 75 mg)
- Cariprazine 1.5 mg (at night)
- Clonazepam 2 mg (at night)

I would like to ask you an advice about this therapy.
What do you think about?

I know you are not doctors, but I would like a second opinion or some suggestion from you according to your drug treatment.

My main symptoms are mental rumination and, obvioulsy, depersonalization. These are difficult to manage.

Thank you very much
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well i take sertralin/zoloft in the morning (250mg) and olanzapine/zyprexa at night (7.5mg) and it helps me EXTREMELY . in fact i am almost normal lol
Hi! Thank you for your reply. I had taken either sertraline (200 mg in the morning) or olanzapine (till 20 mg at bedtime), but sertraline didn't work and olanzapine gave me extra weight and constipation
then i would try seroquel / quetiapine . because in my experience people who dont tolerate zyprexa tolerate seroquel and vice versa . but ask your doc if seroquel would be a good idea
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