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Which AD or other med help you to be functionnal?
SSRI like Luvox26.67%
Tricyclic like Anafranil00.00%
anti-psychotic (seroquel, zyprexa)13.33%

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Here are me, obsessive girl, with this med poll. I wonder how many people here are under meds, which ones, and if they think it helps them to be functional (work, acting normally, not crying all day, seeming normal, mood stabilizing, less panick attacks, maybe sleep in the night!!).

As you ALL :oops: know I am searching for a med who can help me being functional. I know different meds works for different people, I know DP cannot be cured by only meds, etc. I only want to know if some meds help to be functional and even sometimes (!) enjoying the day.

I didn't mention all meds because some doesn't go with me AT ALL. :shock:

Thanks, I hope i will have some replies.

Cyn! xxx[/i]

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zoloft has helped me a great deal. i'm functional, as in working full time, and am enjoying life a good proportion of the time.
the first few weeks were awful and then it took another few weeks for me to settle with the med as i'm sensitive to meds. all in all it took about 2 months for me to feel ok.

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I should say sometimes klono helps me to see friends, and move my butt and go to shop, outside, etc. But doesn't help the foggy feeling. :(

Paxil helped be at the beggining to wonder less about depersonalization, the only med who helped to this date. But for derealization, again, I felt in a bubble glass all the time. And did nothing for depression, really.

And sleep pill help me to shut my head to off. Unfortunately it's a sleep pill and it's 0 for depression.

C xxx

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Efexor seemed to do ok for me,then it seemed to slowly stop working,started with electric shocks(also weight gain) :roll:

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I tried zoloft, paxil and celexa, all ssris that helped me with the depression component and dealing with the dp/dr but had to stop taking all of them due to the excessive weight gain and other side-effects.

I have been on klonopin for a few years now, very low dose-.5 mg twice/day, never had to increase. It has helped with the anxiety associated with the dp/dr.

Now i'm just dp/dr'd.

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You should put depakote on that list because its working way better than anything i've tried so far. My choice from above is def klonopin though. That was my only crutch for a long time.

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Klonopin helped for a while, but coming off of it has nearly killed me. The withdrawal effects have been murderous. Not trying to scare anyone. I don't think the majority of people have a horrible time in quitting benzo's, but I seem to be an exception. I have gone through pure hell.
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