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Hi, I went to my psy, and finally because Paxil give me great headaches all day and (etc.), I will try another one. I just went to 15 mg this week and feel already less in the limbs, less, much less headaches but more depressed.

We will try another med (SSRI or trycyclic) when I will be off of it. I still scared because I am afraid it will be worse. (DR) I have trouble to have faith in the life.

My psy heard about combos of meds (like Prozac + Effexor, SSRI + Effexor, Remeron + Effexor), but I prefer one at a time for now.

Anyway this was my update. Yesterday was far better than other days, I was always talking and this was a OK day.

See you!

Cyn xxx

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You are too focused on meds.

I will ask you you the same question my psychiatrist asked me:

Do you want to have an implant supplying your body/brain THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with your favourite meds?

Would that help you?

Is that the solution?

Or do you want to fulfill your emotional needs and simply be the one you are?

I was actually very angry when he asked me that question... :wink:

Look for meds to relieve the burden of being, and then start to learn how to be...yourself...

The recovery stories around here show a remarkable similarity around here: do not think you are an exception - hell no; you are not!

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Thanks Des,

I don't think I am an exception, not at all.

I never said that.

I am just a afraid girl of 30 years old, too afraid to affront my problems, Dp, DR, life w/o meds, and angry of not being able to affront life w/o meds. I am angry for not loving my life and crying each day and not being able to be happy as a mother, and not being able to work out there because I feel too much derealization, I feel guilt for being ill since my delivery, guilt from being a mother and not loving it so much, I miss my old life, I miss to be young and innocent, I don't know how to accept growing, and changes, and being an adult, not just partying and having just fun in life. I am sad of making my life a noghtmare and making life of my boyfriend and family a mess since 17 months, all those crap of psychiatrists and psychologist and theory that are TOTALLY contrdictory everytime.... Everyday I believe in a new one, I believed in all crap, I am tired to feel not there, I am scared and tired.

Sorry for this post, but I feel it right now.

Cynthia :(

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hi cynthia

keep on believing. something will help you. possibly the new med will help enough that you'll be able to get out into life a bit more :) .if you get that far then the interaction with life should help a bit more and so on..

i tried cranial sacral treatment today(wrote about it in the therapy section) and felt good after. have you tried any complementary therapies? might help a bit and if not at least you're focused on your body and it relaxes you somewhat.

i hope things start to improve for you soon
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