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I've been on Remeron since ohhhh..I think it was 1996 maybe. I was on 15 mg. for many years...then some external and internal sh*t hit the fan and I asked if we could increase. That was in like..1999, 2000 maybe. Now I find depression is getting worse again, and am trying to put the pieces together.

I think when I start to sink, I have building anxiety and then start to depersonalize and feel very very phobic inn life again. Could a new anti-depressant be all I need? Has the Remerson lost it's MoJo??

I have been on Buspar for anxiety a couple years in late 90's and switched to taking nothing--then on Clonopin since 1999. 1.5mg. a day until these five years later, now as of July I'm on 2.5mg. It works just so-so..some relief but mostly still in Hell. I guess I am just thinking outloud, thx for listening or any feedback.

I see the psychiatrist the 26th..or I'm gona have to call and ask to be put on the list for if anyone cancels. I can't go on like this really.

repressed memories my friend, meds are only a quick fix and you will become tollerant of them as you get more and more shit to deal with and choose not to.

DP is the way for you to unwillingly not deal with them, you must consciously deal with all the negative forces in your life and not let your subconscious mind make you ignore them through DP/DR
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