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MDMA induced

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Has anyone here ever gotten dp/dr from mdma use. I got it from using that stuff 3 months ago and its been hell. My vision is all fucked up and I dont know if its the Abilify or not, but my Derealization has been really bad for like the last week. Any tips on how to cope with these negative thoughts. I seriously feel like Im non existing, I feel so empty. Hope to hear from someone soon
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I got DP/DR from weed about 6 months ago and I was feeling the same as you at the 3 month mark. What I did to cope was to use a distracting hobby, which for me, is video games. This helped me to ignore all of the symptoms like poor vision and obsessive negative thinking, which, in turn, eliminated my anxiety. You should obviously also be doing the commonly mentioned things to speed up your recovery, such as moderate cardio exercise daily, multivitamins, a balanced diet, 8 hours of sleep during the same time each night, etc. I would say if you do these things, not only will coping be easy, but you’ll move to the same phase of recovery I’m in right now within the next month. My vision is normal, the obsessive negative thinking is totally gone, I don’t have nightmares anymore, and my sense of time is normal again. I’m just sort of bored and detached, but I’m seeing improvement every few weeks. Just hang in there. Once you’re out of the super high anxiety/negative thinking phase, things get way easier.
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