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MDMA (Ecstasy) and Ibogaine

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Has anyone on this board ever done Ecstasy?

I have PTSD and DP disorder. I haven't been able to make any progress in regular therapy. I'm virtually completely cut off from my feelings. It's amazing, I had a momentary freedom from my dp and it was amazing how real and full of feeling life is supposed to be. I've had DP for as long as I can remember - right through much of my childhood. It's trauma related, In my strong Opinion.

Anyway, I'm now looking into doing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. MDMA was the original Ecstasy, back in the 80s. Today all sorts of different drugs are sold as Ecstasy, some producing similar effects, some not.

If you're interested in it, I have yahoogroup for people with Complex_PTSD. I have a whole section in the links section on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

If you have done Ecstasy, how was it? How did it affect you dp? How did it affect your emotions?

If you want to talk about trauma, or trauma treatment, go ahead and bring it up.

Michael Dewolf
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i took quite alot of ecstasy and it ended up causing an intense anxiety attack(3 weeks after the last one i took at that time) which caused a terrible 8-9 month period of severe dp and dr.

i loved the drug at first. i'd taken quite alot of other drugs but i really liked this one. i found it didn't have the depth of a decent acid trip(where the world expands and you're part of it as apposed to confused colours and hallucinations) however it was more of a sure bet. you could pretty much guarantee it's good feeling. i found it a very good social drug although i was never into rave music or crowded places when on it.

after a while either my reaction to it or the content of the pills changed and things went downhill after that.
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