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Maybe a "Poll" Question, But..

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Who else is now or ever was on Klonopin and how much were/are you on?
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Monkeydust said:
Dakotajo seems to be the guy who adores Klonopin the most around here, but I don't know where he's gone.
heh. my klonopin withdrawal is soooo bad right now (constant splitting headache!) that I can't even tell if that was sarcasm. :? Dakotajo is the only person on this board who hates klonopin even more than I do.

my highest dose was 1mg/day, but eventually I hit tolerance and had to make a choice, take more or come off. not much of a choice really, cuz even when this stuff was working great, it didn't do a thing for my dp. i was just sleepy, tired and slow, with dp.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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