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Does anyone think that their DR was caused by withdrawal from an SNRI or SSRI? Mine started after withdrawal from Cymbalta (Duloxetine) and has been constant for three years.

No doctors will concede this but I am certain that this is the link.

Strangely, though, reinstating Cymbalta did not help, which means that the DR DP is not a withdrawal symptom in and of itself but rather the withdrawal trauma to the brain made some possibly permanent physiological changes and now I am stuck with this.

I am not a crazy person or stoner, never really drank and never ever took any illegal drugs in my life. I had a happy childhood, no traumas, no abusive parents. I was a straight A student and Fulbright Scholar. I have an M.A. from the University of Chicago and had a tenured career. I am not trying to brag but to point out that I used to be intelligent and had a reason to work and excel at things. Now my DR is so bad that not only can I not work, but many days I cannot drive or even cook because its too dangerous. Some days I cannot string sentences together. It's like trying to get behind the wheel while your rip-roaring drunk or slicing vegetables after finishing a bottle of bourbon.


I am treated at Stanford, the best and the brightest, and no one can help!

I am not depressed, anxious, blah blah blah I just have chronic DR due to something physiological happening in my brain.

This is a living nightmare, it is hell on earth, it is like you are the living dead, as one guy called it "a walking death"....

There is nothing worse than this. I would cut off both arms or legs to get my brain back. literally. No amount of pain compares to this. You look normal on the outside, you cannot explain it to others, you have to pretend all is well to everyone you meet.

I have started telling people I do not know really well or who don't understand it as simply "vertigo" or "migraines"...just to have SOMETHING to explain why I cannot go out, meet up, drive, work, etc.

I am thinking of starting to tell people I have MS or something because that can be understood, at least in terms of how debilitating it is.

This living death...I keep asking myself, is this the REAL reason that people kill themselves? Not depression or anxiety but this nightmare? Is this why Van Gogh cut off his ear - just to try to have the pain reach through the fog and pull him out?

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Mar 22 2014 03:48 PM

ssri can cause it both starting and withdrawal, the pretty shit really.

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Mar 22 2014 11:08 PM

I don't know what has caused your DR but I'm going to assume you've had a battery of medical tests to rule out a physiological cause. If you haven't, then I guess that should be done before you draw a conclusion about the nature of this. Then of course, a full psychological evaluation by someone who specializes in trauma related symptomology to support that you've had no history of trauma. But if I could, (without intending to be offensive-truly) Academia shouldn't be a rationale behind why you think you do or not have DP/DR as it's general presented -meaning psychological in cause. Most people with DP are incredibly intelligent, well accomplished and highly functional. Heck that's almost everyone that posts regularly on this site. DP/DR isn't an intellectual problem it's an emotional one. And dissociative states (which DR is a form of), are by it's nature meant to and are deceptively effective at keeping you from an awareness about yourself and your history. So when you say you had a wonderful childhood, seemingly functional history, "not depressed, not anxiously, blah, blah blah" BUT you have DR or DP chronically...I got to say, logical dictates to start to seriously question that history. Especially when everything else has been ruled out which is what your post seems to elude to. Many people experience their first episode with DR/DP do so with cannabis. Is possible this particular drug may have incited a similar incident with you? Just a thought. When you say this is hell...I know and no one knows that better than the people that are on this site. Many of whom have struggled with this for decades. That said, I had DP for almost 30 yrs and if I had a dime for every one that said the didn't have trauma, great parents and wonderful childhood but are chronically experiencing dissociative symptoms, I'd be filthy freakin rich.
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