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Make yourself crazy?

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Ok, this is probably a stupid question, and I realize it's probably NOT possible, but is it possible to make yourself go crazy by thinking about a really scary thought or something you can't figure out for too long. I know the phrase "I'm making myself crazy with this math problem" or whatever, but can you make yourself litterally insane? I had a good day yesterday and today until i had to go to work, that place is like poision for me. I got the thought that freaks me out almost more than anything, which is how am I thinking thoughts...and distraction is hard when I"m thinking these thoughts, because the thoughts themselves are problematic. It's like "how do i form thoughts, when I am forming them, where do they come from? How can i form them while thinking them." It's like I picture them coming from some well into my head, but i'm the one creating them. I dunno it's hard as crap to describe it, but it's really really freaky. Does anyone understand this? Is good old focusing outward the way to go, just distract myself from it? It's maddening sometimes. Sigh...first day of classes tomorrow, and the psychiatrist, so hope that will help. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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well, first of depends on what you mean by crazy. If you mean psychotic, i often feel like i have drivin myself to having hallucinations and delusions. Then again, when i think about it, i know that is not true, because i have been having hallucinations ever sinc i was about 3 or 4, and i wasn't even thinking about it then. But since i already do have hallucinations and delusions, it seems that i feed into it a lot my constantly thinking about them and believing them. but i guess that's just par of psychosis. technically though, i don't concider myself 'psychotic', or, at least, i have a different meaning for the word than most people do. I don't see myself as being "crazy" , to me, it's just that the rest of the world is oblivious and i see, hear, know, sense, and feel things that most people can't. i making any sense?. i feel like i'm not.

but, if you mean....can someone willingly drive themselves into being suicidal, or manic, or thrashing around with anger or fear...I think it's very possible. Just about anyone who were locked up in a tiny, dark, cold room for months and months with no human contact, wold become extreamly depressed, suicidal, fearful and angry. So, if you were to lock yourself up in a little tiny dark room, then you would probably become just as "crazy" as if someone else did it to you.

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