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Make yourself crazy?

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Ok, this is probably a stupid question, and I realize it's probably NOT possible, but is it possible to make yourself go crazy by thinking about a really scary thought or something you can't figure out for too long. I know the phrase "I'm making myself crazy with this math problem" or whatever, but can you make yourself litterally insane? I had a good day yesterday and today until i had to go to work, that place is like poision for me. I got the thought that freaks me out almost more than anything, which is how am I thinking thoughts...and distraction is hard when I"m thinking these thoughts, because the thoughts themselves are problematic. It's like "how do i form thoughts, when I am forming them, where do they come from? How can i form them while thinking them." It's like I picture them coming from some well into my head, but i'm the one creating them. I dunno it's hard as crap to describe it, but it's really really freaky. Does anyone understand this? Is good old focusing outward the way to go, just distract myself from it? It's maddening sometimes. Sigh...first day of classes tomorrow, and the psychiatrist, so hope that will help. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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I dont understand why you cant think yourself insane. If I was to lock myself in my room and focus my thoughts on the most bizzare and horrible notions eventually leading to disorganized thoughts, coupled with intense and constant anxiety and despair, I would imagine that at some point I would crack. I mean everyone has a "breaking point" right? the point at which the internal and external stressors are so great that you can no longer function. I would also imagine that it would not be impossible for a breakdown of reality to occur along with a breakdown in normal functioning.

The same way an extreme condition such as war can damage people to the point of insanity, a situation perceived to be as extreme as the aformentioned example might also have the same effect. Why wouldn't it?
I think I can auto suggest myself out of DP. I choose not to because DP serves a purpose even when it seems as if it is killing me.

I don't think you can "will" yourself to see or hear things. I think you can will yourself into an unstable state of mind. At some point in time I believe there may be a crossing over point where you are no longer concerned with forcing yourself crazy because you are crazy. Basically I think that if one were to maintain a neurotically unstable state of mind for long enough you would become crazy, not because of your "will" to be, but because of the unhealthy conditions you have created for yourself that have driven you to that point.

But I see the other side also. It may be that it doesn't really make a difference, thoughts can make us unstable, terrified, and unhealthy. It doesn't really matter if you make the trip to psychosis because extreme damage is already being done in you're present state. Psychosis may be on a different plane of the mind, inaccessible to the severely neurotic, but severe neurosis can be just as bad if it leads to suicide or physical disease.
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