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Make yourself crazy?

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Ok, this is probably a stupid question, and I realize it's probably NOT possible, but is it possible to make yourself go crazy by thinking about a really scary thought or something you can't figure out for too long. I know the phrase "I'm making myself crazy with this math problem" or whatever, but can you make yourself litterally insane? I had a good day yesterday and today until i had to go to work, that place is like poision for me. I got the thought that freaks me out almost more than anything, which is how am I thinking thoughts...and distraction is hard when I"m thinking these thoughts, because the thoughts themselves are problematic. It's like "how do i form thoughts, when I am forming them, where do they come from? How can i form them while thinking them." It's like I picture them coming from some well into my head, but i'm the one creating them. I dunno it's hard as crap to describe it, but it's really really freaky. Does anyone understand this? Is good old focusing outward the way to go, just distract myself from it? It's maddening sometimes. Sigh...first day of classes tomorrow, and the psychiatrist, so hope that will help. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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You can think yourself into utter despair and misery, and there's no limit to how awful that can get, but as a general rule, if you are thinking that you may be going mad, you're not. You can't will yourself to go mad, which is effectively what you are doing - some perverse test to see how far you can push your mind. But it won't send you mad.
It is totally possible to drive yourself to suicidal thoughts, but that still doesn't make you mad, if we are talking about dictionary description of insanity, ie psychosis. I have driven myself to hell and back before, sure.
But you can't will yourself to see/hear things that aren't there, or believe in delusions. You can try, and you can scare yourself, but as long as you feel as though you causing it, you aren't. If you stopped for a second in your train of thought, and thought about something else, would the feeling of madness still be there?

People who are psychotic don't ponder over whether they are mad or not because as far as they are concerned, what they experience is reality.

I have often thought 'this is it, I'm over the edge, I'm going to start seeing!' and that moment never comes. If you see it coming, it ain't
I agree, it's almost irrelevant to how painful the feeling is, whether it is 'mad' or not
infact to be mad and unaware sounds less painful, though I hesitate to say that for sure since it must be awful in every other way
its the constant controlling that keeps us in it, the way out is to let go, so in effect, we have control, but not in the way we think
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