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I believe that DP/DR is a complex disorder which incorporates, anxiety, obsession and trauma.

These three combined can result in many different things, but from thorough learning and looking at different sources, I've found that a person living with DP/DR has a real daily struggle with anxiety, obsession, and trauma. The person may have triggered the DP/DR through substance abuse or even stress, but prior to the trigger they most likely would have possessed some form of anxiety, obsession, and trauma in their lives. I also believe that the anxiety, obsession and trauma stems from some sort of dysfunctional attachment style from their caretakers. When the sufferer of DP/DR was a child, their caretakers couldn't or wouldn't provide the proper needs for the child.

Attachment styles have a few components in which make it a whole. The first is, proximity maintenance, which is the desire to be near the people we are attached to. Second is a safe haven, which means being able to return to the attachment figure for comfort and safety in moments of fear. Thirdly, a secure base, where the attachment figure acts as a base of security from which the child can explore the surrounding environment. Lastly, separation distress, in which anxiety occurs in the absence of the attachment figure. So if these components are up to standards, the child would have a healthy attachment style. Whereas if one or more of these are lacking, the result may very from person to person, but it may result in a different type of attachment. There is a term used to describe an ideal parent, it is understood that no person or parent can perfectly care for the child, so that's why the term "good enough parent" is used. So in conclusion, I think that attachment plays a big part of contributing into the anxiety, obsession and trauma which makes up DP/DR.

Let me know what you think :)
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