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Luvox????? Effexor????

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Wonder if anyone had success with Luvox. Charger??? :lol:

I just wonder things about Luvox.... can you take this with anti-psychotics (just in case)& they don,t talk about it in my books.

Also, I can't take this with caffeine I think! It's sad :((((

Also, I can't take this with some benzo, and tricyclics, and Lithium.... only with Ativan and Klono? I also read this. I wonder why and wonder if it's a good drug.

Withdrawal seem to be not so horrible.

I just worry about interactions with other drugs! :((((

2-Effexor.... I was tempted because everybody takes this, and seem to help depression. Also there is no interaction with other meds. So no probl. with other meds combos. BUT................. I felt worse with it for 1 week. Also, Effexor withdrawal??What if it doesn't work, I will have to go throught another withdrawal?? Horrible!!!!!!

I don't know what to think. What should be the best safe med? (yes, with therapy).

K :?: :!:
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