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Well, it's 10:26 am EST on a dreary monday morning and i've taken to thinking about the same thing i always think about from this point until 1 pm. What will i eat for lunch?

i'm so sick of sandwhiches or any derivation thereof. But what else is there that's quick, economical, and tasty? I hate to sound like a culinary ignoramus, because i have no problem conjuring up delectable tasties for dinner...but for lunch i find myself falling short.

Any suggestions?

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Perogies are drool worthy...with fried onions and garlic...where's the drool emoticon, rev?

I've broken down and gotten my traditional hot chicken sandwich from this great little italian restaurant i frequent. Very same-same but at least it's filling. It always boggles my mind when people order a salad or something like that for lunch. How can that possibly fill anyone up? Getting a salad for lunch for me would be like going out on a friday night, having one beer, and then nursing a soda for the rest of the evening. It's just plain stupid!

A propos Rev, i used to work at a company that had that catered gruel and charged $4 for it. It was so horrible. And i suspect they didn't wash their hands. Eventually i just stopped eating that crap altogether and started eating out at restaurants every day. More expensive, but at least my health is still intact. That catered food was like, "Hey, why don't i just give you $4 and you can punch me in the would be a lot easier for both of us."

Re. Star Wars: I'm not going to get my hopes up on this one. I'm so sick of George Lucas destroying what was a staple of my child and young adulthood. That fat bastard isn't going to get another penny of my money until i hear, from reputable sources, that this film is worth seeing. As far as i'm concerned there were two Star Wars trilogies: The good one, with Hans Solo, Skywalker, Chewy, a cool Vader, Boba Fett, Greedo not shooting first, etc. And then there's the new crappy ones with a little whiny sissy boy as Vader, Jar Jar Binks, a computer generated Yoda, a pansy Obi Wan (instead of the cool Alec Guiness), and villains that die off faster than you can get to know them (i'm speaking of course of Darth Maul, who had so much potential but was squandered in the first episode).

Re: Hitchiker's Guide: This was Douglas Adam's dream, to see it on screen. I have no idea why. And i have no idea how anyone could replicate the humour in such an incredible book. As soon as i heard that they were actually making the film this time, i thought, Oh God...why even bother. You could never come close to matching the book. Why two dimensionalize something that flourishes so well in the imagination. Just silly. I'll never watch it.

Damn, i'm done my sandwhich and i'm still starving...
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Well, i'll just tell you though...that Hitchhiker's Guide 5-part series is simply the best adventure novel of all time, surpassing even Count of Monte Cristo...if any of you kids haven't given yourself the pleasure of reading it, you are sorely missing out.

This is the problem i have when a movie like this comes along...people will see it, dismiss it as mediocre, and then never bother to pick up the book because they assume it's just as blase. But the book, or "books" rather, are alteringly incredible, dammit.
person3 said:
besides, they're boring! spice up your lunch with something interesting!
enngirl said:
N.C. Man Finds Finger in Frozen Custard
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