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Well, it's 10:26 am EST on a dreary monday morning and i've taken to thinking about the same thing i always think about from this point until 1 pm. What will i eat for lunch?

i'm so sick of sandwhiches or any derivation thereof. But what else is there that's quick, economical, and tasty? I hate to sound like a culinary ignoramus, because i have no problem conjuring up delectable tasties for dinner...but for lunch i find myself falling short.

Any suggestions?

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Haha....same thing that happens to me in my classes.
I just wasted at least 14 minutes of company time. Half spent typing the other half thinking how cool it would be to have Darth Vader as my father. Thanks Sebastian.
And they wonder why productivity in the Americas is below that of Europe's...answer, we think about food and being Jedi Knights. By the way, Revenge of the Sith looks amazing....I think it could finally be a worthy movie. I cant wait to see Palpatine's transformation....the british stage actor who plays him is a Shakesperean actor. They make the best villains. Another classically trained thespian played Freddy Kruegger, actually. One of my housemates is a Star Wars buff and a film student, and he brings home some of the coolest just released clips of the movie. Got his hands on a part of the Revenge of the Sith Bonus Disc DVD, which they've already prepared, and showed us a music video that will be on it.
Supersize Me made me crave Mcdonalds for three weeks.
I love this forum.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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