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Well, it's 10:26 am EST on a dreary monday morning and i've taken to thinking about the same thing i always think about from this point until 1 pm. What will i eat for lunch?

i'm so sick of sandwhiches or any derivation thereof. But what else is there that's quick, economical, and tasty? I hate to sound like a culinary ignoramus, because i have no problem conjuring up delectable tasties for dinner...but for lunch i find myself falling short.

Any suggestions?

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I do the exact same thing at 10:30ish.

We have a Caterer that comes in. The average meal is $4.50. I get food for $4.00 as I've befriended the owner. He sometimes says $4.50 but I wave my hand like a Jedi Knight "No it is $4.00". I wish it really worked. He laughs and says "You're a funny guy" and gives it to me for $4.00. It happens at least 3 times a week. It's getting old but it?s saving me $0.50.

Typical Offerings:

- Salad
- Perogies
- Pasta (various)
- Cheeseburgers
- Wraps (various)
- Dinner of the day (ex. Roast Beef and Veggies)

It's good stuff...well it was. After eating the food for a year and a half my buddies and I are sick of it. It's seems like a lot to choose from but you can only have perogies so much. The salad is bland, everything tastes the same. Is that a Tomato or Lettuce? The pasta is a joke 80% of the time. The dinner of the day is smothered in thick (really thick) beef gravy. I love gravy but I definitely don't want it smothering my LUNCH.
The wraps are fairly decent, though sometimes bland. Buddy told me to try a new wrap he was working on called ?Spicy Chicken Wrap?. He offered free so I took it. The results: Ring of Fire.

I?m probably going to McDonalds today. Even if its crap I?m lovin? it.

I just wasted at least 14 minutes of company time. Half spent typing the other half thinking how cool it would be to have Darth Vader as my father. Thanks Sebastian.
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g-funk said:
what are perogies?

Supersize Me made me crave Mcdonalds for three weeks.
Yield: 1 servings

2 tb Butter
1 Onion; sliced
Sour cream

3 c Flour;all purpose
1 1/2 ts -salt
1 Egg
3/4 c -water, approx.
4 ts Vegetable oil

1 tb Butter
1/3 c Onion; finely chopped
1 c Potatoes; cold mashed
3/4 c Cheddar cheese; shredded
1/2 ts -salt
1/4 ts -pepper

Pics: ... a=N&tab=wi
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g-funk said:
Don't bother with 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by the way.

Utter sh*t on a stick
I was excited when I sat down to watch Galaxy, then the dolphins started to sing............................

After the movie Sarah said "I told you we should have went to Sin City". I said "So?" then put my thumb towards to sky and caught a ride'.

Holy day-dream day.
sebastian said:
where's the drool emoticon, rev?
On Strike.

sebastian said:
I've broken down and gotten my traditional hot chicken sandwich from this great little italian restaurant i frequent. Very same-same but at least it's filling. It always boggles my mind when people order a salad or something like that for lunch. How can that possibly fill anyone up? Getting a salad for lunch for me would be like going out on a friday night, having one beer, and then nursing a soda for the rest of the evening. It's just plain stupid!
Subway "TOASTED"
(go to Quiznos, its better)

sebastian said:
A propos Rev, i used to work at a company that had that catered gruel and charged $4 for it. It was so horrible. And i suspect they didn't wash their hands. Eventually i just stopped eating that crap altogether and started eating out at restaurants every day. More expensive, but at least my health is still intact. That catered food was like, "Hey, why don't i just give you $4 and you can punch me in the would be a lot easier for both of us."
Similiar situation. I hope he washes his hands....
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